Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Ok so I guess people who feel that life is standard and boring and same ol' same can come here to read about my exploits and adventures and feel that stuff is different. And the same.

So included in this itinerary are:
Egmont Exploits,
New Plans,
Beard Farming (as my bro calls it)

Egmont Exploits
So... my brother and I finally made it up to the old house in Egmont on friday. And then the quasi relatives showed up with 4+ friends for a weekend of partying/fun. So that altered the plans a bit. These quasi relatives (my mom's cousin's husband's cousin's sons) are the guys I met that other time up at the cabin. Nice guys. Good guys. And the one brother called to make sure I was bringing my guitar cause he thinks very highly of my ability. (Of course he's never heard me when he's sober but maybe that's neither here nor there).

So Friday night my brother was staying in the cabin sketching and I went over to appease the group with some guitar before leaving to sleep, as we (my bro and I) were getting up at 7am for some hiking through the bush. Well those guys are very generous with their food and drinks and after some consumption of libations and bbq I called it a night. Having played through my songbook.

On my way to the cabin I took a plastic bag and filled it with rocks of various sizes to throw off the cabin porch into the ocean. Why? To watch them glow. Because of bioluminescence. The plankton in the water. We threw rocks off for awhile. I went and got more rocks 2 more times after the first. And we saw a really bright shooting star. It was really good.

The morning broke and we wolfed down some grub and started walking. We found many useful short cuts through the woods rather than walking down the road. There are a number of useful old skidder roads and other evidence of the history of the area. My grandpa hand logged in the area. His dad hand logged in the area too. You know those old pictures of guys with the really long sawblades? That's hand logging. So we hiked up to Klein Lake and went past it to another old trail. We climbed out to a ridge and looked down over Ruby Lake, Sakinaw Lake, and area. We took pictures. We hiked back. All in all we were out hiking/walking around for 7 hours. It was a good day and when we got back the other people were starting to get geared up for their festivities.. They'd caught a ling cod and pulled the prawn traps. The bbq was fired up and they got me to play songs again and my bro to bring out his art book. Good time. Good night. Voice quite sore by the end. Croaking.

The next day we hung around the house taking pictures and I sat writing out by the point. I mostly watched the ocean and birds and the scenery. Lots of Kingfishers and Herons.

The next day we hiked out to the Skookumchuck and visited the Egmont Museusm where we looked at our family's pages, and saw many interesting pictures of my relatives at different ages. There was even a very funny picture that is somewhat embarrassing for my grandpa. When he ran his ship up on some rocks. Then Dave figured he's accomplished all he'd wanted to and we arranged to be picked up the next day.

New Plans
So it looks like before I go to Quadra I'll be swinging back through Hope. A friend was trying to track me down while I was in Egmont (a tricky proposition) and so when I got back to my mom's house I found the evidence of her attempts and contacted camp. So they're a little short staffed and offered to employ my services if I were so inclined. I thought about it last night and next monday I'll be there once again to lead activities and do other assorted things. Looks like around 3 weeks of work. Then I'll see what's up and maybe continue on to Quadra Island. Though I think I'll swing there via Victoria next trip.

Beard Farming

Beard Farming is what my brother calls it. We've been bouncing the ideas of a little beard contest back and forth. And it's been awhile (3 years?) since I've had a decent beard so I'm thinking about growing one for a bit. Plus I'd still like to be a viking. Except for the raping and the pillaging. And the brutal lifestyle. Pretty much the beards, braids, and boats. And some other things.. the mythology is kinda cool. Anyhoo.. thinking of growing a beard. ;)

For those of you who missed the beard last time around.. here's a pic.
Oh and to be in on the voting you can add your comment as to if you're for or against the beard. So far it's ties at 1 for and 1 against. Comments being. Vikings are cool/look very striking vs It ages you 10 years.


Thandeka said...

Follow your heart Jord, I'm quite sure it will say: "I love to have a hairy face." Thus, my vote is for.

Jordo said...

Go for it, do not let your fear of being mistaken for a crazed hermit or time travelling viking satnd in thw ay of your destiny as a crazed hermit who thinks he's a time travelling viking :D

Jeremy Guebert said...

Definately for. Vikings are definately cool. Plus, having a beard in winter keeps you warm(er).

Jeremy Guebert, Outtatown Site 1