Friday, September 08, 2006

A Day In The Life... wild fridays

This update contains:
Jordan's possibly going to Japan and the Pacific for almost 2 months in the New Year,
Application form adventures,
The Delivery Quest.
+ a sweet PS da resistance!

So my possibly going to Japan and more? Well when I was in Egmont last weekend my friend Mr.T sent me information on an interesting program. It's called Ship For World Youth and it's aims/objectives are

· To foster the spirit and practice of international cooperation
· To promote friendship and mutual understanding between the youth of Japan and the youth of other parts of the world
· To broaden the international awareness of participants
· To develop youth capable of playing leading roles in various sectors of their societies and in turn contribute to the sound development of youth in their respective countries

It's funded by the Japanese Gov't. It's for people aged 18-30. Canada gets to send 10 delegates. And the application was due today by 4:30pm in Vancouver. But lets not get ahead of ourselves yet....

Application form adventures
So you have to send in a filled out application. But you can only fill the application out on the computer. And you can't save it. And we don't have a printer here. So... I typed up my answers to the questions the other night and attempted to find access to a computer with a printer. First I went to my step sister's house. Cause they have those things. But not only does the computer have a printer and internet connection. It also has loads of malware causing it to frequently freeze up and run incredibly slowly! So after attempting twice last night to get it done there, I sorrowfully said sayonara. I then called up my old friends the de Jongs and used their computer. Success! Printed out well and part 1 was done.

Now at this junction some of you may be wondering.. Jordan Jordan why wait until the day before to do this crucial step? Well.. I still needed a reference. Shortly after receiving the first email from Mr.T, I responded with a request for him to fill out the reference form for me. Which he did very promptly, after his return from vacation. ;) So that was sent to my gmailbox this morning by 7:30am when I checked. Of course now I needed to find a printer again. My mother, who is so knowledgable, told me to go to the Sechelt Library cause you can print stuff there cheap. So I went there. They opened at 10am. I was in and out. 4 minutes and 20 cents and it was done. Lick envelope and send it off to Vancouver. Except how? Well I'd thought a courier would work. So I went to where the courier used to be. Where the internet said one would be. It was no longer there. Hmmmm. So I went to my step-sister's in-law's buisness (cause we're like family right?) and enquired upon couriers. They told me there was one (Purolator) across the street and one (DHL) up across from Big Mac's. So I crossed the street. My enquiry upon possible courieage was going well when he said "it'll be there by monday". Not good. Was there anyway it could get sent there for today by 4:30 pm? "Nope" Ok. So I was driving home when I thought.. I'm not going to give up yet. I should go check the other place. The one across from Big Mac's. DHL. I asked there. They laughed. Not a chance. Unless you want to take it there yourself. Hmmm. His tone seemed to say "you silly man-child with poor planning skills, you are So Outta Luck" (also known as S.O.L.). Hey my planning skills are good. The circumstances left me in this situation. So I went to my even better skills. Adaptability. And flying by the seat of my worn our North Face shorts which are starting to come apart in the crotch.. and the seat.. and there's already a hole in one pocket.... anyhoo... back to the narrative already in progress.

The Delivery Quest

Homeward I came. Mind spinning with the challenge that lay before me. I came home and informed my mom of the good and bad news. Good news. Free 1/2hr of internet usage at the library and only 20cents a page for printing. Bad news. Can't courier it into town for today. So I looked around and used what was on hand. My mom's friend Jimmy. $10 later and I was on my way towards Langdale and the 12:20pm ferry (ok it's a pic from the spring). My Mom's lovely mexican carrying cotton bag across my shoulded jammed full with books, thermos of hot water, guampa, bombillia, mate, and hoody (in case of inclement weather). And the envelope. I caught that ferry and rode it to Horseshoe bay. I caught that bus (Horseshoe Bay Express) and rode it downtown. I walked 3 blocks (or 4) and waited 1/2 an hour (there was a line up and I didn't mind waiting). I handed in my completed application at 2:30ish. I still had 18 minutes on my transfer. So I walked another 3 blocks and hopped on the Sea Bus to the Londsdale Quay (pronouced Key for those that don't know). I sat out in the sun on the wooden decking perched over top the surging seas alongside the numerous tug boats and their bawdy operators (whom looked to be having quite the fun). I filled up my guampa, and I drank deeply of the yerba. I read. I watched the people scurry about. I watched the 2 cute germans who decided to sun tan 7 feet from me on the deck. And it was good. Job done and chillaxing in North Van. Then my friend Jen showed up (whom I'd contacted earlier... clever eh?) and we hung out for a couple hours before she gave me a rapid ride to the 5:40ish boat. Caught ferry. Caught bus on other side. Got dropped off at top of road. Darkened the doorway at 7:40ish to an awaiting bowl of my mom's fabulous clam chowder and home made biscuits.

Then I typed this up.

So that was this days adventure. So maybe I'll make it to round 2. The Phone Interviews... Finalists will be emailed Sept 12th to confirm for phone interview on Sept 16 or 17th. So I should find out about this by the 12th. So that would be.. Tuesday!


PS Oh and a tribute picture to Mr.T who sent me the info in the first place.... cause I gots skills. I call it Ronny T. And he's INVINCIBLE. I pity the foo who tries to get 'tween this sucka and the net! (All I have on this comp is paint)

(And may I draw your attention to the new link on the right that goes to my new blog site.. basically just a place to put my doctored photos)


jeremy ruck said...

Jordo! How ya doin? Its been a while! thought Id say hey...and didnt Mr.T donate his chains to Katrina victims? I hope to catch you online soon.


Rachel Bergen said...

Jordan, you lead a very interesting life. Would Mr. T be Rob Tiessen? By the way, nice touch with the German girls part! haha. You're so weird.