Sunday, September 17, 2006

reAlity HideS bEhind THe ordinarY

Reality hides behind the ordinary. And it's really quite mysterious, fascinating, and frightening. It's often amusing, sometimes unfortunate (from our personal, purposeful bias), and right there in front of us behind the obvious, ordinary routine.

I don't spend much time in Vancouver. I've been there a bit now and then. Two friday's in a row now I've ended up catching the noon o'clock ferry in. Last night I went to a good friend's party with good friends. And other people who I didn't know upon entry but seem like good people. Based upon several hours of association, tempered with the knowledge that as the evening progressed the observations where tinged by the effects of alcohol. It was an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable evening. At one point someone asked where I was staying. I didn't know. I found a place to sleep last night. At one point it was time to leave and so I assisted my friend Zach in the quest to get home safely. He said I could stay at his house. He was rather.. wobbly. So he knew where we were going and I saw that we got there safely. If you're going to err on missing the sidewalk, walk on the lawn, not the road.

Then this morning I ended up riding downtown to go sailing. Then I didn't go (sailing that is). So I caught a bus back to North Van. Then I caught a couple buses to the ferry. Here's 3 things I noticed on my 3 times going down the same road this morning.

That Oasis car wash. That's cool.
There are a number of outdoor stores in North Van.
There is a store that sells household stuff.. shelving I think... and other odds and ends. And it's called Hidden Treasures. Does no one else find this odd? There's a large sign out front inviting people in to check out the "Hidden Treasures". Well they're really not that well "hidden" with the large sign out front. What a hilarious name. Is that irony? I don't know. I think it's silly. That's like kicking someone's ass in the name of non-violence. The idea's there. Kinda.....

Ahsta lasagna,

Oh and I went and got some hairs cut the other day. Went to the old Sechelt Barber. He's known around here as "Bob the Butcher". How's that for an epithet? Anyhoo.. he's a good guy. The price is right. And I walked in and he remembered me. Which I thought was quite impressive as I haven't been around for a number of years. Good guy, Bob. If you're looking for a haircut in Sechelt. He's a nice guy. You might not be huge on the hair cut.... but he's a great guy!

Oh and a buddy of mine sent me his little celebrity look alike dealy.. so here's mine. Perhaps I should try a different picture?

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