Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jordan Update Repost

So the roadtrip to Hope and back was sweet.

My bro and I had a good time at our rapid visit to Hope, where we picked up my stuff from camp, connected with a couple people, cruised Yale (yeah baby) and then headed back for the coast.

Highlights are:
Conversations, Breakfast, and playing with Josiah: at Kim and Rob's.
The mist laden forest slopes all around in the beautiful rain.
Crusing Yale with my bro.
Peeing onto the roof of a speeding train.
Othello Tunnels.
So You Think You Can Dance crazy repeat in Abbotsford (dude crunched his head).
The Carpeted Bathroom.
All in all sweet roadtrip with my brother.

So tomorrow we head for Egmont for a week. We're going to hike the old hills, and my bro's gonna get ready for his next show.

Then up to Quadra. Living with the wolves. With a side stop at a place to put a roof on a house. Looks like an adventure ahead. But feel free to email me or whatevs.. or if you're ever in the area? ;)

Ciao for now,
may you have good days,

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