Sunday, September 17, 2006

Different Photos Different Results

So celebrity face match up's eh? After doing it once with the one photo (last post) I decided to try it again with a couple more pictures.. to test out the results. I'm not sure why this time most of the matches were with female faces.. perhaps because my eyebrows are arched? Hmmmmmm. Oh well. I'll take it. ;) So here's Face Recognition #2.

Hey there's two guys there.

Wow this is clearly bang on, cutting edge technology.
So here's the next go at it.

Apparently the program recognizes facial hair and hotness. Hence that plethora of bearded and non-bearded hotties. Wild.

Karl of Austria was Franz Ferdinand's nephew.. and no, not the band.

Ok so the quest for 1 repeat match has thus far proven fruitless. But I've not given up hope yet! No sirree Bob.

What will it key in on this time? Facial folicular fondness? Glasses? OoOOOoooHhhh wait and see.

Yeah this time it liked the glasses. I'd like to draw everyone's attention to Frank Oz. You know who he is, you just don't know it yet. If you really don't know him then check him out.

MyHeritage - genealogy software with facial recognition technology

This time no girls. But a Priest and a President apparently. Hmmmmm.. Alyssa Milano is still my top match at %80 eh? I think the credibility of this program can start to be questioned now.

Ok here's number 4.. still no match...

Ok so his names really Sean Astin. He was good in LoTR, great in Rudy, truly memorable in Goonies.. but I loved him in 50 First Dates. So good. ;) And I look like Panama dictartor general dude? Huh.. I seriously never saw that one coming.... I think I have more incommon with Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Ok one more and then it's off to bed. Please let there be a match! Restore my faith in online computer screwy things!

MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes

Sweet merciful crap! My faith in the internet is once more restored to it's highly elavated stature. Oh and if you don't see how these match that's cause you have to look at the first one I did on the previous post to this one. Well phew, I'm right tuckered out and it's time for me to hit the hay.

Y'all have a good time now ya hear?
Uncle Jordan

ps so my hightest match is Alyssa Milano. There ya go. The internet said it so it must be right.

Oh and for those that want to know how greatness follows certain days? Well a year previous to me, to the day, Nelly Furtado was born. A year after me, to the day, Britney Spears was born. Greatness is birthed on December 2nd. For more December 2nd coolness.. click here.

Now sleep beckons.. and I accept!

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Jordan (Klassen) (in seattle!) said...

I think it came up with so many girls the one time because it thought the hat was blond hair. Peace!