Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back in BC and back on the water

So I arrived back at camp the other day. Today was my first time leading canoeing this year. And boy am I out of shape.. chased some kids down to one end of the lake and ripping over to the other side wasn't what it used to be.

It's good to be back here once more and I'm looking forward to the summer and what it'll bring.

Thankful for my time in Saskatchewan and the people I met there. Plus the going away present the guys gave me. It is a wooden paddle that they took turns signing. Very cool. I'm gonna put a couple coats of some sort of finish on it and then I'll be able to paddle away with it!

Sweet goodness!

Tonight we watched Sister Act 2, last night it was The Cutting Edge (the movie where the hockey player becomes a figure skater). (Interesting times in the communal house)

Ciao for now,

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