Monday, May 29, 2006

What if we lived in the country of???

So I was learning (reading whatever took my fancy on wikipedia) about Canada the other day. I then checked out the link to the name Canada and discovered this list of names that were in contention for the country. Here they are..

Albionoria — "Albion of the north"
Borealia – from 'borealis', the Latin word for 'northern'; compare with Australia
Cabotia – in honour of Italian explorer John Cabot, who explored the eastern coast of Canada for England
Efisga — an acronym of "English, French, Irish, Scottish, German, Aboriginal"
Hochelega – an old name for Montreal
Mesopelagia — "land between the seas"
Tuponia — derived from 'The United Provinces of North America'
Ursalia — "place of bears"
Vesperia — "land of the evening star"
Victorialand – in honour of Queen Victoria

I think my favorite is Ursalia... ;)

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