Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hot Tubs.. so wonderful

As long as they aren't scuzzy and malodourous. Thankfully the one I was in this evening was not. It's really nice relaxing in a hot tub with friends. Both hot tubs and friends are great on their own; but when you combine them there is some sort of synergy that kicks the whole deal up a notch.

Today I filled in potholes from a backhoe bucket, was up a ladder limbing a cedar tree, belayed a climbing block, lead archery, and served dinner. It was a pretty good day. Planning is starting to come along and I think I'm starting to get into better canoeing shape.. but I haven't started hiking yet so that's something still that needs to get picked back up.

World Cup starts friday and that's really exciting. Tomorrow there will be a soccer game that I may participate in. Apparently the Jr.Boys High School team has a game against parents,teachers,etc.. so I may join in on that action. Could be a lot of fun!

Well time for me to hit the pillow, with my head, sweet,


The Brown Bullet said...

Jordo....good to hear that you are back keeping things real....let's hang out soon.


rachel said...

jordan! thanks for the update! i'm so excited to find that you have a blog! well...just wanted to say hi, and all that good stuff! talk to you later!