Monday, June 26, 2006

Walking in the woods

Oh the things you see when you get out and open your eyes.

I just bought some new hiking boots for the upcoming season and need to break them in for this friday when a few of us are going to pre-trip our SLT trail. So this morning I got up to go a-hiking. Plus I loaded my pack with my dirty laundry and a milk jug full of water to get me used to the pack again.

Here is a list of the animals I saw:
5 squirrels (there are a lot around)
3 grouse
2 owls (maybe because of all the squirrels?)
and 1 toad twice. On the way up and back.

Salmon berries are ripe and ready, huckleberries and thimble berries soon, though I managed to find some ripe ones of those as well. So yeah.. all in all a good hike.. the boots work well and my feet are feeling pretty good.

It's also pretty hot out so boy was I dripping with sweat on the way.. of course I brought copious amounts of drinking water as well... which I drank.

So get out there and keep your eyes open. Who knows what wonderful things there are to be seen.

Gotta go,

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Anonymous said...

Jordo...missed you last Friday...let's get together soon.

The Birch Taxi