Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Day In The Life...

So what happened today?

Breakfast at 7am (this group ate early)
Canoeing from 8-10, 10:15-12:15 (went pretty good. They were around Gr.7.. so not as tricky in the wind as leading a group of Gr.3's.. that was yesterday)

Lunch (BBQ) (Hamburgers, hotdogs, jello, farmer sausage)

1:30-3:30 Canoeing ride along with person who hasn't done alot of instruction with us yet.

3:40-6:10 Mowing grass with the ride-em lawnmower which is finally back up and running again.

Eat dinner (Lasagna, Cesar salad, "crazy" bread, apple crumble with vanilla ice cream)

7:10-10:00 Fire Practice. Today we tested some new and old hoses and I got to drive the fire trucks. (Ok.. so pull them ahead out of the firehall and then back them in afterwards once we were done...)

And now I type this.. thankful for the fact that canoeing tomorrow does not start until 9:15. ;) Hopefully it will be another dryish day so I can also get some more lawn mowed.


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t.j. said...

hey, its me, I have been so busy lately with school and work (Crappy tire, but i put in my 2 weeks today with a template i found at its very handy.)
Igot back aroudn to reading ur blog, realized i missed to much for me to catch up, so i figured id start fresh with this post.
I gotta thank you, man. I dunno if i have before, but you gotta know that you've been quite possibly one of the best influences on my life (second only to FOX television...joking of course ;) As strange as you are, im gonna go ahead and say ur a role model of mine, you give so much to the world without getting due credit.
I guess fathers day is for dads...but i think it should be for all great males; from The Holy Father all the way down to Che and Joram the Mighty.
way to go man. keep pwning n00bs and vanquishing foes or just paddling around that little lake of yours.
God Bless.