Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In Transit - From Sooke River to Botanical Beach

The Shorts and Gaiters Inaugural Adventure took place on June 5th and 6th of 2011. Karsten Klawitter and I have been on many wild and wonderous photoadventures and decided to take two days to explore the heck out of several sites around Southern Vancouver Island.

1 Places I've Wandered - Gonzalez Hill Sunrise
2 Places I've Wandered - Not Sooke Potholes

In Transit - From Sooke River to Botanical Beach
Join us now as we fire up Ruby the Red Subaru and make our way further west towards Botanical Beach. Low tide peaks at 10am so we have a mission and motivation: To get there in time to explore sweet sweet tidal pool action!

Let's hit the road ;)
The Road Ahead

Around corners
Around Corners

Over bridges
Over Bridges

We continue west to find the end of the world
Heading West

We stop for a break to stretch our legs and eat discounted muffins over chasms

Sit down
Taking a seat and having a bite to eat

and enjoy the view
A View

from the side of the road
Hanging Out

Back in the car and some more driving brings us to the parking lot for Botanical Beach

where we get our gear out and prepare to search out the sea

At the trail head we met some Europeans who were about to hike the Juan de Fuca trail towards Victoria. Karsten gave them some travel advice as he's rather well versed in that traverse. Then he briefly hung around.
Just Hanging Around

Along the side of the path grow Sword Ferns..
Ferny Goodness

they are springing new life forth for the summer
Ferny Goodness

We passed evidence of new trail work on the old path
New Old Path

A spider just hung around

Onward we wended and laughed by bushes of Salmonberry and trees of Red Alder and Douglas Fir
Along the Path

The Red Alder rose above
Alders Up

and then we heard the sea and smelled it's salt sprayed air.. turning a corner a descending stairway beckoned to the beach and beyond at the end of the world.
Arriving at the Beach

See you there soon ;)

The Maplemusketeer


starry eyed said...

the image of the road, the scenery in the glasses. i live for eensy stuff like that. seriously awesome. in the truest sense of the word. finding the big in the small kinda thing. of course, the rest is badass, too.

Jordan said...

Thank you!!! :D :D