Saturday, June 18, 2011

Adventuring Forth - Heading to Squamish for a few days

Howdy gang! :D I'm heading to Squamish tomorrow (Sunday) and will be gone until Tuesday or Wednesday so look for a new post on the Friday following :D

I hope you're all having grand adventures and merry wonders! :D

In the meantime (since there won't be anything new here) I recommend you check out my buddy Karsten's tumblr! He's the dude who was on the Inaugural Shorts and Gaiters adventure and appears in many of the photos from it. He's a good guy who takes amazing outdoors photos and always has food stashed in weird places around his car. One time a large amount of gouda fell out from behind his passenger side sunvisor and into my lap.

It's always an adventure ;)

Here's a video from one of our past Botanical Beach Adventures starring Karsten as the "Moosten Man" dancing across an infinity pool we discovered ;)

ciao for now!
The Maplemusketeer

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