Friday, June 24, 2011

PIW - Botanical Beach Pt.3 - Intertidal Action & Emergency Bathroom

The Shorts and Gaiters Inaugural Adventure took place on June 5th and 6th of 2011. Karsten Klawitter (aka the Island Alpinist) and I have been on many wild and wonderous photoadventures and decided to take two days to explore the heck out of several sites around Southern Vancouver Island.

1 Places I've Wandered - Gonzalez Hill Sunrise
2 Places I've Wandered - Not Sooke Potholes
3 In Transit - From Sooke River to Botanical Beach
4 Places I've Wandered - Botanical Beach pt.1
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6 Places I've Wandered - Botanical Beach June 2011 Pt.3 - Intertidal Action & Emergency Bathroom

Places I've Wandered - Botanical Beach June 2011 Pt.3 - Intertidal Action & Emergency Bathroom

Leaving the pointed prominence behind we make our way along a more "traditional" cove of a beach. Except that it has sweet rocky goodness thrusting up through it!
Small Ridge Walking

Followed by this lovely little casa with a view. (And a threat to bullkelp monsters to stay back)
Location Location Location

Around the point and out onto another shelf of rock swept and carved by waves. Oh Inter-tidal zone.. how I love you.

Here the waves break and erode over the course of time. Revealing the layers and forces that have shaped the land and created the various micro-climates in which the multitudes of life can dwell and thrive.
Tidal Action
of urchins and shoes

Some most ancient

Out to the open Pacific

A rare photo of me taken by the Island Alpinist. If one has to use the washroom and is stranded on the highly visible shelf of rock they could possibly use this hole at low tide.
The Hole

As demonstrated here.
No I didn't
In Emergencies...

It would also be a poor place to drop your keys

While in the hole I saw some Goose Barnacles!!! :D (Also K's beloved "Manpris" lol)
Island Alpinist loves his "Manpris"

Which is awesome because on our last trip there we found mysterious chunks of sea creature

Happy Goose Barnacles
Goose Neck Barnacles

We'll end today's post as the Island Alpinist and I make our way from one section of sedimentary rock to another
A Change in Sediments

Next time we shall explore this new land further and he'll probably scamper about and hang off of things ;)
Sedimentary Transition

Till we meet again, may you all walk in wonder,
The Maplemusketeer

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