Thursday, June 23, 2011

PIW - Botanical Beach Pt.2 - Bear!

The Shorts and Gaiters Inaugural Adventure took place on June 5th and 6th of 2011. Karsten Klawitter and I have been on many wild and wonderous photoadventures and decided to take two days to explore the heck out of several sites around Southern Vancouver Island.

1 Places I've Wandered - Gonzalez Hill Sunrise
2 Places I've Wandered - Not Sooke Potholes
3 In Transit - From Sooke River to Botanical Beach
4 Places I've Wandered - Botanical Beach pt.1
5 Places I've Wandered - Botanical Beach June 2011 Pt.2 - Bear!

Places I've Wandered - Botanical Beach June 2011 Pt.2 - Bear!

Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island is one of my favourite places in the world. And hours of exploration each trip still reveal amazing things! Let's continue our exploration now
Further Along Botanical Beach 2

Island Alpinist at Botanical Beach

Look around and see what you can find.. engage in life and you'll not be disappointed
Island Alpinist looking at the cliff flowers
Flowers on the cliff - Botanical Beach, BC

Then in the distance we saw it...
Further Along Botanical Beach

This is the second time we've discovered a black bear walking along the shoreline at low tide eating sea urchins from their little nooks
Bear checking out the tidal menu

In front of the bear's right paw can be seen a purple blob aka sea urchin
Bear with Sea Urchin

Here's a photo of a sea urchin's shell from which the multitude of spikes emanate
Urchin shell

The Island Alpinist walked to a higher vantage point and I worked a distant flanking maneuver
Island Alpinist Investigate the Bear from a high distant

The bear was content working its way out to the point
Bear Crossing

Occasionally we'd get a pause and a look from the bear. But we were still far away and being very non-threatening and it would always just get back to casually eating the sealife.

The Island Alpinist sees a bear

I dub this to be Bear Rock
Bear Rock

It was a great delight to spend quite awhile observing the bear about it's foraging but eventually we had to move on for there was much beach and many more kilometers to cover before we were to fall asleep on the top of Mt.Prevost in Duncan, BC.

So on we go along the beach (I think I have an idea about where that black rock may have come from... )
I think I have an idea about where that black rock may have come from... maybe.

Sweet Coastal Lovin

See you around the next bend!
The Maplemusketeer


Anonymous said...

holy that rock looked just like a bears head! Cute little bear trompin around, fun!

Jordan said...

HAHA Yes exactly! :D You should totally head out there at low tide! It's amazing and the bear will likely be going about it's rounds eating the sea urchins ;)