Friday, July 07, 2006

Hike filled few weeks

Greetings and felicitations once more!

So last week was the 40k two day trip into and out of the lower stein valley..

then we did some trail maintenance up the mountain here at camp..

staff training has been happening this week so I've been helping out with that when I'm around..

and since when we were hiking the Stein we discovered that the ferry will be down for maintenance the week of our out-trip with the SLT's we pre-tripped another hike this tues-wednesday doing another 40k 2 day trip in Manning Park. Starting by hiking to and past the Four Brothers peaks. Alpine hiking.. then descending to Nicomen Lake.. where we had a crazy cool hail storm in the evening (that what the pic is from) .. then more descending to Grainger Camp on the Hope Pass trail that was used back in the day between Hope and Penticton.

All in all it's been a great work out. My feet have been a little weary from the long hikes but the new boots are working out great and I've changed my foot wear so so far no heel issues!

And the coolest thing I've ever done with a soccer ball happened yesterday when me and a couple guys here were juggling between sessions.. the ball was kicked to me and I converted it's forward momentum upwards with a header and then settled it by heading it a couple more times on top of my head.. then I managed to keep it up there for a couple seconds by moving around under it before flicking it off to the side and off my foot. So yeah.. it was pretty sweet and lots of fun. Didn't really expect it to happen either so bonus!

Gotta jet,

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