Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday Happenings

So today there are no campers here. It's a time in between programs. And thus Alida and I are to do something with our fabulous LT's. Today we took them caving up in the Spirit Caves near Yale. Afterwards we all went and watched the new Pirates movie playing in Hope. All in all it was a very good day. And I'm pretty tired. ;)

Oh and for the hike I wore a life jacket. I mean hey, it was in the bus. I combined that look with this beautiful old bright orange helmet and some sunglasses I also found in the bus. I guess I'll include that picture for your viewing pleasure.

Sorry I've got to dash but adios!

1 comment:

karen said...

I thought that first picture was the bionic man in morph stage. If you get the idea?