Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Flickr Update!

Yes for those of you who have heard tales of my recent exploits up in Manning Park you can now check out some pictures by clicking on the Flickr picture thing in the side bar of this screen.

Speaking of Manning.. tomorrow I'll be getting up at 6am and waking up the SLT's and we head off on the trip. So keep us in your thoughts and may it all go swimmingly. The weather looks like it could be decent. So hopefully that works out.. and in other news... time for bed!

Good night,


Brent Bowker said...

Jordan, I'd love to go on some sorta overnight hike with you before the end of the summer.. somewhere.. if you'd be up for it. I really miss hiking, and seeing your pictures makes me want to get out even more.. maybe mid- August sometime could you? If you want that is... but just throwing that out there.

Jordan said...

Heya Brent!
Yeah that's quite possible. I'll try to let ya know what dates I'm available.. gotta go! Hope you're well!