Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jan 17th Musings, and Photo's from my Abby Road Trip

Jan 17, 2007

It's good to get outside and walk; to stretch my legs down many blocks and to the sea. The eagle's perched up in the tree, again. The sunlight glows and diffuses through the grey clothed sky, and I sit on the green bench atop the concrete buttress. Silver liquid sheen shines across the sea's surface tween me and the clouded horizon. Wave after gently flowing wave lap against the shore, first one, then two, and then two more. The headland's temporary defiance in the face of calm seas will be exposed as a sham when next the storm swells surge. But for now it is the gentle roll and slow splashing curl of many droplets in concert against the shore. That and the roar, the steady thrum, of the seaplane momentarily above. Going, going, going, going, soon to be gone as it continues to fly on. The rocks roll and ricochet off of each other as the waves retreat and regroup, only to return ever again and always. The rhythm, the cycle, the sea. A loon dives below my world and enters another unseen. A liquid world obscured from outside and beyond. Our home once, but long passed now. We moved out, onward, and away. It is the home we have outgrown, and though we can visit we can never go back. Even so, I still feel the relationship. Though we can never go back, we can also never fully leave. That from which we came will always come with us as well.

And there is something about the ocean that is greater than all other bodies of water. I have a theory. All water is amazing, wonderful, incredible, and amazing, because it reminds us of the sea. Our ancestral home. I'm willing to admit that I may have a little bit of a bias, but what is the ocean? It is. What are rivers? Rivers are returning to the ocean. Lakes? Places water pools on its way to the ocean. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go spend some time with it. To walk alongside, to visit and hang out, to be.


So this past weekend I went to the mainland for to visit some friends. Some getting married.. others not. But an enjoyable time was had by me with many. Hopefully it was enjoyable for them too. I think it most likely was. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

I have more.. but not on Flickr cause I've used up my space there until next month ;) Ok.. I used it up a week or so ago ;) But if you have a facebook account I've posted more up there.

For those that like pictures and comments.. you're in luck. If you don't like them.. then you'd best stop here. You've been warned.

The first Three... Things you may see from or on a Ferry (the boat.. not Fairy the mystical creature)

Next we go to the wedding. (My main reason for the whole weekend escapade). Here you have a photo of Mr.Theo Epp and Mrs. Jennilee Epp.

What's a wedding without dancing? And what's dancing with out some fun crazy people letting loose? This wedding had both in spades.. here we have local dancing with the stars champions K-Mac and D-Kro.

Next we have the friends section....
Starting with my friends dog. Who's named for cheese in German. I'm not going to attempt to spell it.

Followed by another friend, who happens to be my others friend's (with the dog) boy friend. Confused yet? Ok ok.. I'll stop. Check out that sweet tropical piece in the background. Tres chic oui? Oh and he's also one of the 4 guys from MB who are roommates and where I stayed Saturday night.

Here's MB guy 2. Gotta love the hat.

Two other friends.. with my guampa. The friend on the left is going out with the friend from the tropical island piece in the background picture, (yes she has a dog, how'd you know), the other friend is engaged to another friend I have from Camp. Oh and these friends went to Africa with me back in the day. Along with the "girl who has a dog"'s boyfriend. He went to africa with us too. Hope that clarifies things.

Another friend who went to Africa with us. Here she is trying to fit in by drinking Mate. But she can't fool us. You'll see why not. Poor girl. Missing out.

Poor Friend. Maybe one day she'll be able to enjoy the joys of Mate with us. One can only hope... ;)

Here we have MB Guy #3 followed by MB Guy #4. We went out to the Dragon Fort for Dinner (MB Guys 1 & 3) last year... I got a great fortune from the fortune cookie.. it said.. Lady Luck will visit you soon. Anyone play the fortune cookie game?

None of the ManitoBa guys are small. Neither am I. So it was.. enjoyable cramming into the car sunday morning. All 5 of us. I was kinda hoping that somebody would maybe nudge the car and then get out and want to get ornery. Then the 5 of us would unfold from the little car... Hee hee... it makes me giggle.

Here's another friend hanging out by a Domo Sign. Such a happy sign. Being a fuel transfer technician must be great fun!

My buddy with a great toque. If you see a guy like this. He's a good guy. I'll vouch for him.

Here's an awareness thing for all of you who've managed to read this far. Avoid embarrassment by listening closely now. When buying Corona.. check to make sure you're not buying Coronitas. They're like Coronas.. only much smaller. Then people laugh. ;)

On our way out we found a broken window.. and took some pictures..

I really like this picture. You should check it out in the larger size.. click on it or something. But this is from inside the small car with the 5 of us.. but ignore that.. I think it looks spiffy.

And last but not least, my friend who seems rather enthused about this article about Meth Addicts. Yeah. Moving on.

There... c'est finis! No more. Adios. Via Con Dios. Good bye. Till next time. ;) To all my friends who I saw but forgot to take pictures.. It'll happen sometime.. when you least expect it (but not on the toilet) (well probably not).


Tele Queen said...

hey, i really love the photos you post on your blog, they're amazing. what kind of camera do you have? the ones with the broken glass are beautiful.


Tele Queen said...

Hey, when i left this comment I might have accidentally left two... hahaha sorry if that happened. I checked out your Flickr account and it's really cool.. do you write all the quotes below your photos too? I think Cat Stevens was writing about a daughter... :)

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