Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Howdy Hey Hey

So it hath been awhile since I've posted. But I'm here now.. and that's really what matters. ;)

I've been going to school through the week. After school I come home and have a nap. Then I wake up for dinner, study, then sleep, then repeat. This doesn't leave too much time for writing and musings.. however I did get away with a camera this weekend. So instead of writing.. you get several of my favorite pictures that I took this past week. If you want to see more then you can check out my flickr account.

Remember that if you want to see them bigger you can click on them.
Without further ado...

The crow overtop of Oxford Foods.. scoping out the terrain.

Some of you may not have believed me. Here's the photo evidence, taken by the Starbucks at the corner of Cock And Pendergast.

I call this one "Eagle In A Tree" for no reason other than pure fancy. That and the eagle in the tree.

My Guampa. So pretty. You'll surely agree. Can you find it in these pictures?

The Heron I found by a pond in the park... I took many pictures.. here's one.

Getting strangers to pose with the Guampa. Ok.. older ladies.

More Guampa Goodness..

And I'll end of with a bug, by Beacon Hill Park.

May you have enjoyable days wherever you are and I look forward to when next we meet and have frolicsome festivities!


Thandeka said...

I like your pictures Jord. We have a street called Cockburn in Winnipeg (of course to be pronounced Co-burn, but still...)

Jordan said...

Ok Karin, I want to see pictures of you with this supposed "Cockburn" sign.

(you know I'm chuckling right now)

Yayagirl said...

jordan, as much as i wanna tell you all about how much i love your photography and every pic you take is truly beautiful...(ok, i think i just did ;)), the COCK St. had me laughing so hard, it just took over. i saved that one!