Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hunting. Job Hunting.

A Couple Couples
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So apparently my student loan $$$ will not be enough for this go round. So I need to find one of those job dealios. My first batch of resumes are printed. 1 application and cover letter are ready to be dropped off tomorrow. And my bed now awaits. One more class and then hooray for the weekend! It'll be a long one ;)


Victoria said...

good luck with the hunting!!!

Jordan said...

Thanks Victoria! :)

Jenn said...

Any word yet on the job front?

Jenn said...

I figured since you were still posting photos you were alive and well and that the blogs would come when you had more time. Thanks for the comments. Good luck on everything and have fun at that party this weekend.

Jordan said...

Indeed I am well and they shall come when I have more time! And the comments are yours whenever I manage to swing by your blog or you can send me stuff too.