Thursday, November 08, 2007


To think of everything, possible, to sit and dream
to look around, be amazed, not hesitate
to listen closely, listen well, and not speak
to seek, all that outside leads within
to find, you can fill your sails with your own wind
and glide upon the sea of your own soul
and sound your own voice a madrigal
of astounding choice, your own song
is part of mine, can I sing along
invitations, all around
for you
for me
we share
you see

that together we are closer then we were before
You're a part of our house, just a different door
way in side deeply moving sharing breathing caring

We are stars shining on high blazing brightly in the sky
it's true I know, I've a certificate that shows it's so
but sometimes I forget we've met I try to lock
my door it's foolish yet its so. I run away
into the known where I feel safe with out a sound
I am an ostrich I am the ground

But even there in the dirt the worms whisper
of their hurt, share struggles of the soil,
we are connected in turmoil.

It's a journey, it's a quest, it's a river
winding, upside down and rightside twining
all around, in and out, come on all lets twist
and shout. Cause that's how the story goes.

So dream, and live, smile, and give, fear and find,
it's a kick in the, pain in the, sweet.. ass.. ride.

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heidi said...

lovely. Nicely said.