Monday, October 01, 2007

Porcine Curiousity and Poultry Indifference

Sunday.. the end of the month. It's gone by quickly and looking back all I see is the school work done. It would seem that this stage of life shall be known as "College" and consist of a crap load of studying with many pictures of walking in the park near my house on study breaks. I hope I don't sound negative because, most of the time, I really enjoy the stuff I'm learning and the opportunities it will present to me. That all said, it'd be nice if you could just plug the info into your head. ;) LOL


Jenn said...

it would be nice if we could just find a way to plug it in, but then I guess it would take away the gratification when you finish a test or what have you and know that you did well

Jordan said...

True... though I'm sure we'd find other challenges around any and every corner anyways ;) LOL

Anonymous said...

The pigs name is Teddy Bear :P