Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Weekend In Review

On thursday I met some new Manitoba people who are now living in Abbotsford. I went to their place and watched some hockey, drank a beer, played some guitar, and had a good time.

Friday a few of us were going to head up to the coast. 2 people decided that they just couldn't manage the trip just now but were still helpful enough to give the rest of us a ride to the ferry. With a brief stop at MEC in North Van.

So Joleen got the super special ferry loading experience. The one that not just anybody gets. But I've had before. We arrived at the terminal with very little time left and they'd already raised the foot passenger walkway so we had to go outside into the rain, go down some stairs, and walk on from the bottom ramp. That's how it used to be done when I was a young lad.. last century. ;) There really wasn't a view on the trip over due to the fact that there was quite a bit of weather blowing down Howe Sound. So it was a fun trip with a little bit of rocking and a tad bit of white caps.

Once we hit the coast we took a couple hours to drive home after doing quite a tour of the lower coast. Showing numerous houses we'd lived in. Sharing stories and tales from our family's history on the coast. It was neat.

Saturday I was thinking about a trip out to Smugglers even though it was raining very heavily (I thought that could be sweet too!). However my stepdad wanted to take us out for lunch down to a local pub. So we went down and had lunch and then went to check on the boat with all this rain. We took the boat out for a little brief putt around. Nothing too much as it was still rather windy on the inside.

The wonderful menu consisted of friday night having ling cod, saturday having cod chowder, and my mom made homemade muffins for breakfast that were so very very yummy. She makes great muffins.

All in all it was a great weekend and I enjoyed getting to share my family with my friends, and vice versa.

Gotta jet!

ps on Wednesday I'll be moving to Victoria.

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