Tuesday, November 07, 2006

To My Buddy Jason B in the States

Jason is no longer with us as his network was changed the other day and now he can no longer access blogs or other personal webpages. Alas poor Jason. I knew thee well.
Thus today's post is dedicated to his plight.

Highlights from yesterday include....
Seeing a hawk flying 40-50 ft above me... circling.. menacingly... as if I were soon to become carrion. I think it's gone now though. So I can leave the house.

Seeing 3 people I know on the news. In the section on global TV about the flooding in Hope and rising river heights. Here's a compilation photo I've made to commemorate that splendid occasion.

(I don't know if the picture appears black to you. It does to me. But when I clicked on it it opened in all of it's glory. And in the first picture.. I know the guy on the left.. not beard guy.) (Oh and I really like how in the centre photo Tim has the top of an umbrella balancing precariously upon his noggin through no apparent means.) (Oh Tim Umbrella Head. You are Hope's newest Super Hero!) (Protecting those smaller than himself from the pelting of rapidly descending water in it's various forms. Rain, hail, snow, sleet, slush, and more.)

Rejoice with me for I have found my lost thermos!
Well I don't actually have possesion of it yet. The last time I came up to the coast I got a ride back from the ferry with some lady that knew one of my friend's younger brothers that I ran into on the ferry. We got rides back to West Sechelt. But I accidentally left my thermos in the truck. At church the other day I was told that it was awaiting me at my friend's house. Of course I bought a new thermos on Friday when we cruised by MEC in North Van... so now I have a spare! (dang nabbit spending money.. grrrrr..)

And now I must get ready for I've a meeting arranged in town in 25 minutes. And then back to pack and sort for tomorrows move to Victoria.

Goodbye and adieu!

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