Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Martin

So who is Martin? I'll get there.

Incase you've been living under a rock I'll inform you that it's snowed a bit today. It was also the last day of my Intro to Massage weekend course. So when it came time for lunch and people looked outside saying "but it's snowing.... we're not going out there" I boldy proclaimed that I was in fact going to Wendy's for lunch (baked potato and bowl of chili each $1.59) and that those who wished could follow. An expedition was soon formed and with the girls (4 guys, 26 girls in the class) deciding to use me as a wind shield we started the epic 2 block journey. We arrived hungry and snow covered. We ordered. We received. We ate. Then we headed back towards the college. As we were walking, dodging snow, getting slush splashed as trucks drove by, a guy was walking the other way, towards us. He was dressed fairly poorly. When he passed by I could smell the alcohol. I wondered and hoped he had a warm place to stay. As he walked by he proclaimed "The biggest guy gets the big snow flake" and proceeded to make a snowball which was lobbed in my direction. Well the others fled but I stood my ground and we gently tossed snow in the air at each other for about a minute. Then he came up and he told me that he danced for the snow this morning. His name is Martin. It's his birthday and he wanted snow for his birthday so he did a snow dance this morning. He had a huge grin and was very excited. I introduced myself, we shook hands, we laughed and made some comments on the weather, and we walked our ways. Me back to my class and him down the street looking for someone else to pelt with birthday snowballs during this birthday snowstorm.

So sure there are lots of unhappy people out there. Of course there are often unhappy people out there. And you can meet them and see them all over the place. It's easy to gripe and complain, to bitch and moan. But I think it's better to remember other aspects as well. Like the joy today's snow brought to Martin on his birthday, and his willingness to share that joy with anyone else. I know it made me smile.

Oh and if you were wondering I passed the Intro Massage weekend course. I can now do a decent (so my partner said) full body relaxtion massage on a massage table, with proper draping techniques, and an awareness of some of the main principles at work. Hah! Those who mocked my hands (you know who you are.......) may now know that the instructor said I had really good hands for doing massage techniques. Yeah. So ptttthhhbt. (That's the sound Calvin from "Calvin and Hobbes" fame would make when he stuck out his tongue).

ps Ok.. really seriously bedtime now.
pps Oh yeah and I'm still unemployed.. but have learned some massage skills.


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