Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's Raining!!!!

Ok so it's more of a light/medium drizzle. But still. Precipitation baby! Woooooooo.

Alright. So I'm rather pleased with the fact that we have some moisture falling from the sky. It's been sunny for quite a long time now and everytime I go to canoeing the lake is at the lowest I've ever seen it. The other day I paddled along the shore to see what I could find at the lower level. I found 2 1953 Pepsi-Cola bottles. Pretty neat.

So I've been leading canoeing for the past couple weeks here at camp. Next week will be the last week of school groups. I may hang around for one more week after that to go do some exploring in the woods and up logging roads with a friend from up this ways. It would be sweet to summit Mt.Squeah after looking at it all these years.

For those of you that don't know, Guatemala bills itself as the land of eternal spring. Looking out the window right now I have to say that I'm for seasons. The leaves of a vine maple outside the window are so very beautiful right now. Gentle green to brigh yellow to golden orange to vibrant red. The mist as it clings to the grass and rises waveringly over the field. The mountains glimpsed momentarily as the clouds drape over like fabric. It's autumn baby! Oh yeah.

Time to go. May you all have a good day. May you share the good and be supported in the difficult. It's all part of life, and it wasn't meant to be lived alone.


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jedi_canuck said...

1953 is a quite exact date my friend good on you for your collectable find

Menno Mateo