Friday, October 27, 2006

Hey Hey Hey

So today (The 27th of October) is a special day cause it's the b-day of Erasmus of Rotterdam. And he's a cool dude. During the heated days of the Reformation Erasmus tried to walk an impartial middle group in a very heated, polarized, environment. He felt that the Church could stand to use some reforms but he wasn't ready to turf the whole thing. And so he found himself inbetween the two extremes. He wrote a decently wonderful satirization of the clergy of his time called "The Praise Of Folly". I really liked the Letter to Martin Dorp 1515, that he wrote in response to something Dorp wrote after having read "Praise of Folly". It's pretty groovalicious.

Anyhoo.. so his birthday is the 27th of October. Which means a party is gonna happen on the 28th in Rotterdam. Dang it. I'm all the way over here in BC. Guess I'm gonna miss that one. But I think I'll put it on my list.

Other B-days of interest today... (according to Wikipedia)
James Cook 1728-1779.. Cook St. in Victoria was named after this guy.
Theodore Roosevelt 1858-1919 26th President of the US
Sylvia Plath 1932-1963 She was poet, don't ya know it.... sigh
John Cleese 1939 (bet he's bummed that he has to share a b-day with Erasmus!)
Patrick Fugit 1982 He was the guy from that movie about the dude who lied about his age and became a writer for Rolling Stone and cruised with the band that had Jason Lee in it. Yeah.... Rock on!
So other people were born on this day too. But I didn't write their names here cause I didn't want to. I have to stop somewhere.

But apparently not yet cause the other computer I'm trying to burn a slideshow onto is very very disappointing me at this time. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

So... people who passed away this day in History (though as I look at the clock I realize it would now be people who passed away yesterday in History...)

939- King Athelstan I of England. Regarded as the first King of England. So maybe a name for a son? Eh? Eh?

1789- John Cook- American Farmer/Governor of Delaware. I guess he had to farm and couldn't afford a hummer to drive around in. Acting just didn't pay that much back then. Does't say if he was related to Capt. James Cook. Or Capt. James Hook for that matter.

2003- Rod Roddy. Rod Roddy? I didn't even know he was dead. Goes to show it's been awhile since I watched "The Price is Right".

Ok.. it's official.. That computer sucks.
So I'm going to go to sleep now. For tomorrow's another day. To get frustrated at computers. Well inefficient slow crashy computers.. I like ones that work.
Ciao for now!

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