Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Don't Focus on the crap (you'll step in it)

So today I got nipple chafe, sore feet, and twinged my groin muscle up in my left leg. We also lost our game against the Hope Sr. Boys soccer team.

Now those could be used as a list of unfortunate events and facts. If one were to focus on that they would completely miss out on the sweet, enjoyable experience that we call soccer, that happened today.

And the glorious hot tub.

The point of all of this is that sometimes there are sucky things. You know what? Alot of the time there are sucky things. But if you focus on them then you may miss out on all the things that rock; all the opportunities that are out there. I know I've missed many an opportunity in such a manner and I resolve to try not to let it happen as often. I'm not perfect. I'm a work in progress. Like a fancy painting or great book or something.

Oh and again going with the warning of being careful in this age of easily taken pictures (watch out when other people have cameras.. they may have mischevious intent) and posting them on the internet. Here's a picture I found on one of my former students sites with the comment "Me discussing global waming with nudist prophet from future". Now because it's here you may have a good hunch on who the "nudist prophet from the future" is...

So young back then. This was taken back when I was in Africa in '04.

*sigh* I wonder what else I'll find out there one day. Other than that pic in a dress I think I'm mostly pretty safe.

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veniceissinking said...


Man.. I just showed that pic of you in africa to audrey along with the whole 'nudist prophet' comment.. Had me laughing to all hell.. Got to love the random snaps that come back to haunt you.. Remember this, ive always been the more adventurous, 'wild' kid.. *shudder Think of the pics that might surface of me when i become that public figure.. yikes.. hahaha.. so good. death or glory man..