Monday, October 23, 2006

An Email Response to a Party Invitation (Plus The Greatest Hero Of Alltime!)

The following is a response to an email invitation I received. The sender asked for suggestions as to party ideas. I honestly didn't have anything like a suggestion in mind when I started writing.. a look into the strange mind of me.

In my mind I see the Dueckman house much like the homebase of the Thunderbirds. A place of wonderment and amazingness. I think your family, if bombarded by gamma rays or some such super ability granting mechanism, would use your powers well. There would of course be interesting dynamics and situations around the use of these aforementioned powers. Also I wonder what your super family team's name would be? Hmmmm. Hey maybe that could be a theme idea? (How do I come up with these things?) People could come with silly super powers and costumes. There could be super powered games... maybe a super powered movie. And if people don't come with aforementioned powers or names... we'd give them some. So they'd have to wear the costumes we'd assign them. Mwa ha ha ha... mwa ha... ha.. hee hee hee.... hoo. *sigh*
We could even have teams.. super heroes vs villians. Or if we needed more teams there could be the supporting cast team... sidekicks... love interests... pets. I mean really there are lots of possibilities... sure.. it does kinda sound like a Halloween party.. maybe it's a late December staff Heroween Party.

Or not. See this is what happens when I write what comes into my head.. zanyness. If someone were to live a bit in my head (ala Being John Malkovich) I think they'd have quite an experience. Wouldn't we all. If we could really spend time in others' heads I think we'd be more compassionate, more understanding. Not only would we learn more about that person.. but we'd learn more about ourselves too. Hmmmmmm.

Well Sammo Hung... I think on that note I'll get back to what I was going to be doing. Namely writing an email to my papa. May you have a pleasent day and pass on my kind regards to your tribe.
Ahsta lasagna,

ps... I think I'll have to use this email as a blog entry.
pps.. you should check out Sammo Hung at wikipedia or something.
ppps.. Thanks for the heads up on the get together... I of course have no idea where I'll be then or if I can make it.. but it's a splendid idea and I wish it, and you, well.

We could have super hero songs... it could be a super hero artsy night... new compositions.. art... interpretive dance... this has many possibilities.

Yeah so that was my email to my associate on his request for ideas. I really hope he goes with this idea. Any party where people get to wear their underwear visible to others is a good party! Yep.

I think my favorite sports dude or dudette would be either Trevor Linden or Lui Passaglia. Maybe a good superhero would be an amalgam of Trevor Linden and Lui Passaglia. He'd kick any of those old "ProStars" butts. Take that Bo, Michael, and Wayne.

I just noticed that the BC Lions logo is of a girl lion. Cause don't boy lions have manes?

Anyways... so who is the greatest hero of all? Well it's of course Lui Linden. Seen here playing for his team, the BC Canucks.

He truly is the greatest of them all. (Bow down before his awesome greatness) (Bow Down!!!)

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