Thursday, May 04, 2006

Unexpected Nocturnal Adventures

So the other night a few students decided to go walkabout without permission. We found out when their vehicle got stuck in mud and they couldn't get it out. We found out after when their vehicle got stuck in mud and they couldn't get it out nor could the people who went off to help them find them. So around 10:30pm we got in a school van and went to get them. A student who knows the area came along to guide us. We drove for a little ways when the student informed us that if they got stuck up ahead we should probably not drive too much further or we too could become stuck. So we stopped. My coworker stayed in the van while the student and I left the pools of luminosity given by the headlights. We continued our trek in the night on foot.

Now I hasten to add at this point that just before that knock on the door summoned my to our evening's perambulations I had just brushed my teeth and was about to turn off the light and turn in. This thought came to my head as the student and I were becoming quite chilled by the moisture laden wind. Reports indicated that there was a high probability of snow that night. As we found out later; they were right.

Lurching onward with my headlamp and guide's directions we slid along the muddy goat track that passed for a road. We passed the three poles that hold aloft the electric wires before they crossing the river. These, I was told, are the three poles from which the hang-out location gets the name "Three Poles." Perhaps none-too-creative but very descriptive. As the air cut the warmth from my exposed flesh I wondered if ever we would arrive at out destination... we did. To the discovery that they were not there.

On the way back we came across an amazing sight. The light of my headlamp was luminating beads of water draped all upon a small plant on the path. It's many beads of light contrasted with the darkness all around. It is very difficult to describe the appearance of this beauteous phenomenon. Too bad I don't have a camera. ;) It pays to look around for the amazing at all times.

Now at this time you may be wondering where the other students were. The ones we came out to find.

They were chillily walking back towards the school. After a further series of cell phone calls and driving hither and thither we came upon them and transported them back to their awaiting showers and respective beds.

Thus ends that night's unexpected nocturnal adventure.

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