Monday, May 01, 2006

First Canoe of the Season

Yeah so better late then never. Yesterday I got on the water again. We arranged a little canoeing day and 15 students signed up. Only 4 showed up. So with the other teacher and myself that made 6 people. Which was fine with me as the day was quite windy and therefore more about just being on the water, driving there, checking out the trailer and supplies, etc. We went to the Broderick resevoir, about 5-10 minutes drive. It took us 45mins to go across the lake, and 10 to get back. The sun was out (of course, it rained this morning but that's the first time in weeks.. seriously! How do things grow out here?) and with the strong wind we had some nice chop out on the lake, a few white caps, and some decent size waves. On the way back you could feel when we caught a couple and rode them for a little bit.

I was hoping to do some stroke instruction and play some games to build skills but alas it didn't happen. Maybe next time. Hopefully we'll have a larger turn out then too. Once we've done a couple trips on the resevoir then we'll start doing a couple river trips down the river Saskatchewan.. (and it's a hey ho hi ho coming down the... whatever)

Someone left a Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits cd in the computer room. So I liberated it while I find the owner (who I've now found.. I'll return it once I've listened to it all). Oh Niel Diamond. So.. Neil Diamond. Despite the negative Neil Diamond atmosphere out there I still think that guy can rock! ;)

As for reading I just finished reading Wilderness Man: The Strange Story of Grey Owl by Lovat Dickson. Sweet amazingness. If you are unfamiliar with the story you may want to check it out. Via website, book, whatever. A couple years back I think Pierce Brosnan was in a Grey Owl movie. I haven't seen it but now would be interested in it. Maybe a movie night?

For now?
The grass is green
and the trees are beginning to grow leaves,
which leaves me pleased.

Fare thee well,

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