Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Exciting times ahead!

At the beach

Firstly it's spring time here finally! Hooray and Happy Dances! :D ;)

Salmon Berry Blossom

and sorry for my multi-day absence ;) Easter long weekend was long and yummy and I'm now very full and ready to go adventure and work it off ;)

Skunk Cabbage

The other day I went for a small afternoon photo adventure with my buddy Justin. He's the fellow who photographed the West Coast Leprechaun shoot and he does amazing work.

We went to a couple local beaches and explored a local dirt road by some farmland.

This is my favorite photo from that day. It's of a kite boarder at Davis Bay beach on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

Spring Beach Action

Now.. on to the exciting news....

Some of you may recall when I got to alpha test EmmaActive last year. It's now in its beta test phase and actually in use on my site! If you scroll over any of my pictures you'll discover the interface and if you look at pictures with actual products in them you'll get descriptions that also link to places you can purchase the product. It's a pretty nifty concept. ;)

Well I'm going to be working on an idea to combine the new paradigm with some outdoor photo adventures and we'll likely be going for some ramblesome adventures on the lovely and huge and spectacular Vancouver Island.

But wait.. there's more. ;)

Another project in development is a TV/Webseries of adventures/wonder/roadtrips/music/zany antics and discovery. We're still hammering out details but are looking to actually roll in June.

Who knows.. we might even make it to your neck of the woods, wherever that may be. ;) :D

So yes... all in all a rather exciting and busy time ahead. But I'm thankful for all of your support and encouragement! :D

Things are just starting to take off ;)

Lift Off

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