Thursday, November 15, 2007


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I wonder, when we look back from a far distant time, what sorts of things will stand out? Which decisions made? Which ones let go? What actions will we see as defining? Thoughts and musings of the late night.


Jenn said...

Looking back? Sounds like someone may have just a little too much time on their hands... Hmmm, but since you asked - the things that stand out are the ones I rather I hadn't done - they seem to just slightly beat out the good memories - and then when you think about it the hard times, the things you wish you hadn't done were maybe the only way for you to realize a different path was needed...

Jordan said...

lol late nights lead to musings I find. :) Thanks for your comments Jenn! I too have come to the realization that the bumpy rough journey teaches the lessons that we need to learn. Looking back, I made the choices and decisions I did, because they were the ones that made "sense" based on what was before. It is in light of those very choices that our later choices are modified or continued.