Sunday, April 08, 2007


Apparently this may be my 100th post. Crazy.

So yesterday I went for a walk to meet up with my former student (and buddy) Chris. We were going to go for brunch. It was raining. So... I put on my new jacket (new to me... apparently they cost a couple hundred dollars in Australia.. but it was gift from a friend)and my hat from SA.

So as you may be able to see.. it was a damp day. So Chris and I met up on the corner of Fort and Cook to hunt for brunch. But we'd started later than anticipated.. and brunch isn't easy to find at 11am on a saturday morning. So instead I took him to the Irish Times. Where I broke fast with a pint of Guinness and a Bacon and Brie Burger. So good. Soooo gooooooood. I love it when it touches your lips!! Ok.. I'm back now.

After that Chris left to catch his ferry and I continued on my wanderous ways. Down around the Empress...

Looking over at the boats...

And the inner harbour walkway... no buskers on this overcast day.

Then I took this picture near the almost washed away chalk drawing. As I got up I was approached by a Uruguayan who was curious if I was drinking Maté, I invited him to partake and we chatted for a little while. Him and is wife were there on vacation.

My journeys took me around the park, and along the shoreline, and along the breakwater, and along the shoreline again. I think all together I was walking around for almost 5 hours.

I saw:
A Bald Eagle, A Young Bald Eagle, Crows, Seagulls, Pigeons, A Humming Bird, Cormorants, Oyster Catchers, Mallards, and all those little ones that I'm not as certain of.

That's a nutshell review of my weekend. I've got 3 finals remaining in this upcoming week. My last exam is on friday and then it looks like I'll be heading up island to work for a couple weeks, as well as pop over to the Coast to see my 'rents over there. Adios! Talk ta y'all later ;)

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