Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Going to the movies

So it's been awhile since I went to Raven's Cry Theater in Sechelt. But I was up on the coast, my parents having taken off in the boat for a few days and I realized that I don't know that many people up here any more. I know their younger siblings. But I'm not so much going to hang out with them. So I was figuring on a night at home reading.

That all changed when I remembered the Metcalfe brothers. Andrew and Peter. We've had a few adventures together so I figured I'd call them up, not sure if they'd be around or back to the mainland and Island for school. They were home. Ideas flew around. Beach fire at my place, beach fire at their place, rent a movie and watch at their place, rent a movie and watch at my place, (we're a creative bunch you can tell), or go watch Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Well I said that a beach fire at their place sounded really good so lets do that. Peter said that Andrew really wanted to go to the movie. So we did that.

And I snuck in cheese. One of those little white round cheeses that comes wrapped in the red wax. We then shared the cheese while we waited for the film to commence as we were crammed into the seats that are probably comfortable for those 5 10 and under. I think all of us were over or around 6 foot. But you know, that didn't matter once the movie started. Yeah there were some parts that moved slowly but the funny moments definitly swung the scales in favour of it being a very enjoyable and suprising movie.

And maybe I'll have that beach fire tonight....

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