Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Comment I made on a friend's blog

Heya buddy!
So yeah. Today I went to my favorite park in the whole world. It's in the coastal temperate rainforest. It's called Smugglers Cove. It's pretty sweet. There are all these rocks and trees and stuff. I saw a seal. And a seagull. Oh and this kid named Josiah. He's pretty cute.You rock!Anyone says otherwise I'll pretend to kick his ass. I mean really pretend. For real.

Word for the day? Salacious. Did I think about that one before? Do I have salacicity on the brain?

Gotta go.... I think this comment should become my new blog entry. Number 1? Make it so. Engage.

~~~~End of comment~~~~~

So yeah.. today I went to my fav park, Smugglers Cove. I also saw some seagulls, a crow, a couple starfish, talked to some random guys fishing on a pier in Davis Bay(but that was later). Skipped down the trail with some little dudes. Fed my mom's koi. Chillaxed alot. And tomorrow I shall perhaps venture down the coast on the quest for my high school transcripts. ( I called ahead)

Right now I'm listening to the Tragically Hip. Cause they're good.

My new playlist is 11:16:29 long. Pretty good since I just started grabbing some tunes for it this morning and stopped at lunch.

I was listening to a sweet song. You should listen to the song. You know. With instrumentation and singing of the lyrics (which are quite good). The song is called God Said No by Dan Bern. I found it on a disc my brother made of stuff. Then my pal Rob and I listened to it on our little road trip and maybe it was just the yerba mate working but, man, I was nearing epiphanyland there for awhile. So yeah.. there's a link to in on this other blog I found... I'm to tired to repeat something that they did there well enough = good.

Listening to a Best of Gypsy Kings Medley.. just flashed back to a crazy night in Guatemala. Near the beginning of our time there. While we were staying in Mazatenango, working with Habitat for Humanity. One night we decided to take the students to the mall. This was a ways away. We had like one truck. It would take a couple trips.. we started walking. The truck ferrying. People piled in and out. It was so loaded down. On our trip we decided to squeeze in a couple more since that would be everyone. I was hanging out the back crazy like. I had to make sure to keep my feet up.. cause they were dragging as I clung in the back.... crazy weird night.. the lights, the dogs, the smells, the sounds. The cobblestones and the ditches. I need to go to sleep.

Hanging out of the back of a truck reminds me of a time in Guatemala when we were cramming into a chicken bus on our way back to Jocotenango, I think. I had my backpack on, I think, and it was so crowded. Ben and Cheryl were with me, I think, and they squeezed through and on. I half climbed in. My backpack was hanging out the open door. Along with some of me. I was holding on to the railing heading up the stairs. I think Cheryl's butt was crammed up against my hand and I tried to apologize for the inappropriateness (now that's a word!) but I suppose that's life. Crammed out of a bus flying through the streets of Antigua.

Now I'm listening to a spanish version of Hotel California. Gypsy Kings. It was used in The Big Lebowski. See the internet isn't evil. It's a friend. Yes...... but wait.. wasn't I going to go to sleep all the way back up there? Is this some sort of plot? Sleep deficiency? Subtle brainwashing...... He said todos.. hah.. spanish... *drool*... Adios amigos... tiempo soƱoliento.. sleepy time.. according to Babelfish translation.

Now I'm listening to Elvis Costello (wow his real name is apparently Declan Patrick MacManus.. cool) singing I'll Never Fall In Love Again. He sang that on an Austin Powers movie. OOOh.

Ok so it's really really time for sleep. If I don't get to sleep soon I may have trouble getting to that brunch tomorrow!


Ok proof read.. listend to some Steve Miller Band.. did stuff.. undid stuff.. OOOh Big Ol' Jet Airliner.. don't carry me to far away.... ok one more picture. This ones for Alida. Dancing Horse.


rachel said...

jordan! great entry...i read those lyris to the "God said no" song, and they were really good..makes on think. also..yeah steve miller band! that is one of my favourites right now actually! hope you had a great summer! looking forward to more adventurous blogs from you!

Jordan said...

More adventurous then sneaking cheese into a movie theater? Well that's a tough order but I'll see what I can do! It was so good to see ya when you stopped by camp. Hope you're doing well. As usual I love your pictures. Maybe one day I'll get a camera of my own.. ;)