Sunday, March 05, 2006

Things look unusual as normal..

So here I am once again. This past thursday was Winter Carnival out here at LCBI. Not knowing what the expectations are for Winter Carnival I decided to go the laid back conservative route. Nothing fancy. Of course leggings are very important in any winter carnival fashion show you plan to attend while wearing shorts. (They also show off the calves) And of course the Mate and the Thermos. Here I am flanked by my pink wearing super ninjas. Ready to fight the evil forces of the winter.. bad guy? Or random students that were at the cookie/hot chocolate booth as well as me.

(Good cookies. White chocolate chip with cranberries!!)

Anyways.. seems I'm doing well. Not going too insane.. still dancing with the wonderment of what the future holds for me and how I'm to navigate it. While enjoying being where I am at the moment. Oh and growing a beard.

With the different students and interests I've had the opportunity to be involved in things I normally wouldn't. Like watching 2 Fast 2 Furious last night.

Right now I'm reading Praise of Folly by Erasmus. Next I'm going to read Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond (is that his real last name? cool).

Also on friday night we had a "coffee house." So it wasn't that popular but we did have a transitory crowd. Basically I was playing some of my songs.. read a story.. some quotes.. had a student come play for a bit.. and then cover tunes for another hour. But these people isolated in a snowy expanse find most anything enjoyable for breaking up the tedium so maybe we'll do it again next month? ;)

Well it's time for food so I'm gonna take off eh.

Now to end with something vague, exhorative, and spiritual sounding..
Wherever you are, may you be there,

PS Not everyone wears pink winter jackets here. Despite what the picture may suggest.


t.j. said...

Much to my joy i found those Star Tre....err...scientific manuals I told you about. they'll be in the pines by summer!
You'll also be pleased to hear that Bo and Jordanna Roblee are applying for staff thsi summer...and there was much rejoicing....
Hope its going good man. I gotta go throw some yerba in the coffeemaker for tomm morning. ttyl

Jordan said...

Oh the Pines. An information repository of great renown. Those scientific manuals will fit well there. I love it when Capt. I mean .. lead reseacher Kirk propses the launching of proton torp.. uh.. investigations into the Klingon... orifice. And stuff like that.

I rejoice at the things this summer has in store. May you go well duder. And I'll see ya soon.

PS There's a guy here named Eric who thinks he may have biked with you in Mission? For real.

t.j. said...

what! crazy! Im getting the vague recolection of the name eric upon a 2 wheeled steed. see if you can grab a last name or something. have a good day man.