Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Stair Luge

So we start with a new piece of art from my brother's latest show. This piece is my favorite of the plethora of new stuff to look at.

And now.. stair luge. This is an ancient art that has been around as long as stairs. The approach is very important because that's when it all starts. Mental disfocus is the key. This allows you to disregard the fact that your boots are wet as well as the top of the stairs. You non-chalantly begin your approach and at the top step your feet, or a foot, go flying forward. In the air you lay yourself out at an angle similar to the stairs. Some people may grasp for the railing in an attempt to correct form. A good landing (like mine) spreads the weight from the contact points of upper left buttock and lower right back. Then while still trying to understand that you are falling and your ass hurts, you continue the rapid, rattling slide. Slowing standing up at the bottom you look around to see if any judges were watching. In my case there were none. Watching that it. As I proceeded into the darkened TV room I heard comments of "wow that sounded cool" and "are you ok?" but this is all normal for the highly trained stair luge competitor. That and the pain discovered upon waking the next morning.

Adios and good stair luging.

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