Sunday, February 19, 2006

Home for a rest?

Late friday (Feb 17) I arrived back in Victoria with my father after attending the opening of my brothers art show on Quadra Island. The dog (Cinders) is growling and rolling around on the ground behind me and the cat hair around the house is tickling my nose and tempting my allergy. I'm still warm and cozy (not evening wearing my slippers) from the hot tub earlier this afternoon. It's a good hot tub with a wonderful view over Esquimalt to Victoria and out across the straight to the Olympic Mountains. My oldest younger step brother is going to the washroom next to me. In the washroom that is next to me. And he just got the original Castlevania and Lemmings video games on his mobile phone. Though perhaps it cannot be rightfully called a phone any longer? I suppose it's outgrown that distinction.

Welcome to my today. My sunday in Victoria. Or at least looking down at Victoria.
So I fly out to Saskatchewan shortly. To begin my new job at the Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute, , as a Dean of Men. It sounds kinda cool. I don't think it comes with a superheroesque costume. I suppose I'll have to bring my own or find one. I fly out on Tuesday.

On Friday I was up on Quadra Island for my brother's Art Show. It was sweet, most enjoyable, and really cool. An amalgam of images and thoughts in his own unique style.

So welcome to my blog, the end of the mass email era, and the start of a new way.

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Shannon said...

Hi Jordan! Wow - I think I am the first to write a comment. Yay! This is a great idea... you are so faithful at keeping in touch, keeping us in the loop. I wish I was as faithful... I guess I just don't have to much happening outwardly in my loop right now. Wonderful to read your blog. Thanks. ~ Shannon ~ Romans 8