Thursday, February 23, 2006

~Day 3~ Outlook Saskatchewan

So I've arrived. I've survived 2 days of being thrown into a new situation with many unknowns and perhaps I'm starting to figure out a thing or two. I've almost got the names of the guys in the dorm figured out and managed to get it quiet by 12:30 usually. And thus had a few hours of sleep before waking up again. ;)

Things I've discovered so far about Sask..

Dry cold is much nicer than wet cold. -18 here feels like +3 on the coast. So it's not that bad. Though I've still not gone for a walk around here as I've been learning and figuring out institutional realities first.

And today is my first day off. Hence this entry before I go off to have lunch. Yes it costs more than I could do by myself in my suite with odd stove and fridge. But it is very good. Last night we had banana bread for dessert. It was yummy.

Anyhoo.. it's alot for me to take in at the moment of course but really it comes down to these guys are all pretty cool and I think it should be a challenging but great time.


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