Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Written shortly before today's test

Getting ready for the test
T minus 20 minutes
Heart beat accelerating
read, remember, recall
don't choke don't choke

Muscles nerves veins
Innervations and palpations
A practical test with hands on demonstration
Verbalize actions as you poke and prod landmarks

Nerves Arteries Veins
run their subterranean terrains
through the tunnels of muscles and maze
the images building in our neural database
to chart the course once again, in actuality
beneath my hands, the pressure builds.

but as I write the focus comes
my brain still flighty like that giant flock of flamingoes
we saw on Nature the other night. Or the sparrows,
swirling, soaring, plunging, perching
it goes around and through and in
The anxiety trickles away.
Leaving excited, nervous, challenging fear.
The thrill.
I have prepared to the level I have.
Soon it will be time to see how I can apply and present my knowledge.

People come in and talk about their tough spots. Stress rises.
I think I should leave this room now. Walk to the ready room.
T minus 10 minutes.

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