Friday, January 21, 2011

Held hearts in hands

Life does not unfold the way we say it should
Hearts cautiously carried
Held out in hope, held close in fear
Held hearts in hands
that caress cradle constrict and crush
no more no more and never again
until next time

Hope; the blessing and curse of our joy and despair
held hearts in hands.

Dreams and lies illusions of truth
allusions of life's bitter allure
Promises of growth that never speak of pain
sore tired feed have walked many a mile
meander a moment and rest a time
ponder the subliminal and the sublime
before the path calls you again
to tear afresh your scab not yet a scar

Drift asleep on your side as hard hip holds the floor
See smiles in your sleep that turn sour in the light
Hold out heart in hands bruised broken but pumping still
As it will as it will

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