Monday, June 14, 2010

Upon Waking in Hope on Friday Morning...

The clouds lay close against the mountain across the Fraser river and early morning birds sing their early morning songs. Chirping and chattering and other birdish sounds burst through the sullen predawn morn accompanied by the background noise of highways in the distance: coming and going. Every now and then whistles blow and trains choo choo through too. It is 5am on a Friday morning and another day is about to commence as this part of the world awakes to engage in their hustles and bustles and habits. Autotimers on coffee pots and breadmakers precede their groggy masters' appearences and still the birds sing. Morning rituals engaged.


CJ Gosling said...

Hmmm... do you have a reason for this *gasp* weather opening? Or are you being ironic? Is this a clever twist or is it poetry?

Very pretty!

Jordan said...

HAHAH! Oh CJ you make me laugh. LOL

As for this.. well.. it was a 5am musing as I woke briefly while in the guest room at my friend's house in Hope. To investigate my method in this.... I'd say that I looked out the windows and was grabbed by the massive mountain across the way and the clouds smothering and dark. So I'd suspect that it's all authenticity with not much artifice ;) More some stream of conciousness then form or organizaiton. ;) haha!