Saturday, September 15, 2007

Slow Down Icarus! Where are you leading us?

The Weekend is upon us! Woo hoo! So what did I get up to this past week? Well.. school. :) But also a visit from my good friends Colin and Tina (pictures in flickr) and some more walking and photo taking of course. My student loan was deposited in my account yesterday so today I went and got my books for this term. $480 for 4 books. At least they are heavy books of girth. I can use them to squash things. It's worse when it costs alot and they're itty bitty ones. :)

And for those of you that enjoy my writing and more lyrical flow type of words.. sorry about the recent picture posting flood.. I've not been getting that much journalling done.. but I may find one or two to pass on. I did manage to sit and muse for a couple minutes the other day.. ;) A little something for you to look forward too.

Adios for now,


Victoria said...

don't apologize for pictures, they are a type of journalling too in a way!

Jordan said...

Thank you for the comment! I really appreciate it :)