Friday, May 18, 2007

Something for Everyone!

So.. the other day I borrowed my father's camera and went for a 1 hour walk, that turned into a 3 1/2 hour walk. I ended up taking over 350 pictures... lots of multiple shots and what not. When I'm going for a walk with my beat up old camera I don't go as long because the card only holds about 49 pictures. I didn't even fill up my dad's camera. Just kept walking and shooting. It was sweet ;)

So apparently a rumour was going to be started at school about me. Something about me hooking up with a girl from school on a one night stand and she's now 3 months pregnant. This is why it's dangerous to go to a school where boys are outnumbered 30+ to 2. You become toys to be played with. Whereas when my buddy Dave and I get bored, we hacky sack. Anyways.. I told them I really didn't think that was a plausible story (and I didn't want them to start a rumour about some girl at the college.. I could care less if they spread something untrue about me.. meh) and I then went on to tell them how to create a plausible story and fill it with details that could add to it's credibility. (thus preventing the first rumour from circulating.) So apparently someone saw me eat out of the garbage can the other day, not deep, there was a tuna sandwich just on top, and when confronted I said "hey, you just cut off the teeth marks and the rest is all good". At least, so goes the rumour.

Back to the multi-hour photo walk. Here are some pictures from it. I figure there should be at least one picture in here that you should find decently enjoyable. :)

Oh.. and I noticed that there are a number of people who check this thing out. I'd like to conduct an impromptu survey and if you wouldn't mind, please leave a little hello about who the heck you are. If you don't mind. :) I'm just curious as to who some of those large red dots are on my "cluster map" thingy :) Friend? Relative? Associate? Random Stranger? Non-random Stranger?

Thanks muchly and may you have a wonderful marvellous splendid weekend full of frivolity and fun.

ps looking at the cat one makes me feel a little woozy so be careful! :)


Victoria said...

the sunset through the camas is LOVELY.

I like the thistle? sunset too

Jordan said...

Thanks Victoria :)

Kristine said...

I love them all . . . but especially the cat! All felines are perfect, even the blurry-movement ones!